EMIEN HEALTH is a division of EMIEN, LLC, an engineering firm founded in 1999. EMIEN HEALTH has research and development facilities located at 100 South Shore Drive Campus in East Haven Connecticut, a suburb of New Haven, home of Yale University and numerous companies dedicated to pharmaceutical and medical research.

In 2016 an EMIEN partner was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Out of frustration using alcohol swabs the company committed to finding an alternative solution.  After nearly three years of development, testing and a 30-day national trial with swab users, EMIEN HEALTH was organized to bring Rolacol® to market.  It is first in a field of one, an entirely new category product.

Dedicated to Funding Diabetes Research

Gila monster, a venomous lizard secretes a peptide (amino-acid compound) called Exendin-4 in its saliva that could be beneficial as a treatment for T2D. Researchers at Arizona State University’s School of Life Sciences for Evolution and Medicine are sequencing the reptile’s DNA in hopes of creating Exendin-4 in commercial quantities that someday may provide relief for people with diabetes.

“I really appreciate your financial help supporting important science…” – Dr. Melissa Wilson Sayres, ASU

Certified Diabetes Educator’s Input

The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) recommends people with diabetes ‘should not’ use alcohol swabs due to possible drying and irritation of skin. “You folks solved that issue and I greatly appreciate the samples you provided my clients. As you well know people w/diabetes are infection susceptible. CDEs encourage clients to wash hands before glucose testing or insulin injections. Your product goes a long way in addressing not washing hands which is often inconvenient… or most often not available.” Informed CDE

Phlebotomist’s Perspective

“As a licensed phlebotomist I know the importance of swabbing a patient before drawing blood. When my 7-year old daughter was diagnosed w/T1D I knew she’d have a hard time managing this chronic disease. I also knew anything to make her testing easier would be welcomed. Kids don’t wash their hands enough and carrying bulky swabs in her test kit was cumbersome. When asked to participate in the juvenile trial I was skeptical but your product put my issues to rest, it solved the problems. Fits perfectly in her kit, and unlike a swab packet it’s easy for her to open and accomplishes the objective. No muss no fuss.” Phlebo-mother

Informative Videos

Maybe you found Rolacol® through our channel.  If not, view videos like our Diabetes Public Service Announcements, PSAs and how-to examples for Rolacol® use. 

Exercise for People with Diabetes

People with diabetes know exercise is important to help manage diabetes. That’s why we created a simple but effective way to burn sugar… for all ages. A no body-shaming character steps you through fun routines for work, home, school, even outdoors. It’s free – no account needed, accessible by smartphone, desktop or tablet. BURN SUGAR

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