Developed for People with Diabetes

Rolacol® is a more convenient cost effective solution than alcohol swabs to clean skin for glucose testing, insulin injection, infusion set, POD or CGM placement areas. Fits neatly in a test kit, is eco-friendly, no swabs to throw away.

Recommended by Swab Users

86.6% of swab users would recommend Rolacol®. EMIEN HEALTH thanks all participants, pharmacists, CDEs and healthcare providers involved with this important national Study

Formulated for People with Diabetes

All natural 100% witch hazel cleans and soothes skin. Grown in New England, processed in our home state of Connecticut, produced in our facility ensuring the highest quality. Science of Rolacol®

Ease of Delivery

Rolacol® is available by auto-delivery. Receive a 10ml bottle every two months for just $8 – includes shipping. No more traveling to the store for swabs, and Rolacol® is less expensive – equivalent to nearly 500 swab applications – and far more convenient to use.

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